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Hi, I'm Justin.

For almost 10 years I worked as an art director, photographer, designer, coffee runner within a corporate structure. I convinced myself I was happy because the pay was decent and I got to work with companies like Samsung, Apple, Dell, Jaybird, Beats, HP, Sony and many others.

Then I got laid off.

So I did what every creative person tries to do...I put all my money into doing a clothing brand /s. I'm not out to set the world on fire with new fashion nor am I striving for the appeal of hypebeasts. Actually I probably don't have an ounce of talent to even gain the attention of that group or even a peasant fashion blog on tumblr.

Fuck it.

I just want to make stuff for others and still put a bit of my love into making propaganda shit with influences from tech, music, movies, cars, society and commercial advertising/design. Ugh. Killing me slightly faster than normal.