Free shipping on orders $35+

Free shipping on orders $35+

Proofing complete for the Rest Easy x Die Hard hoodies

December 11, 2018

Just got back from the print house and oversaw the proofing and finalizing of the back print.

aeternum ash rest easy x die hard pullover hoodie japan

For the back print alone it takes roughly 7-10 minutes. You have to first pre-treat the garment, cured through a drying rack, then print, then cured again. Times this by 50...yeah...not quick nor cheap. Then you have to screen print the front small logo as well as sew on the hem tags.

aeternum ash rest easy x die hard pullover hoodie japan

Taking people through the process and showed some behind the scenes stuff I'm hoping it helps to understand where all your money goes when you make a purchase like this through me or through another small brand that's trying to do the same.

Peace, Justin

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